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World's Most Exclusive Wine

There's something about high-quality wine that provides a person with a sumptuously rich experience whenever they take a sip. And suppose they were to stumble upon what most people consider an exclusive wine from around the world. In that case, they'll be enjoying a drink that comes with the right amount of alcohol, sweetness, and acidity.

Taste may be subjective; how wine is favored differs from one person to the next. However, if it comes down to a vote, most people worldwide would agree that the best wines hail from these places; the US, Italy, France, Germany, and Australia.

Things That Make You Drop Your Glass

31 Oct 2021

There are quite a lot of things that can make you drop your glass. An over excited dog jumping at you, kids trying to climb your back, a spouse wanting to cuddle not seeing you are holding a glass and hitting your toes are a few of those things. 

I don´t have that problem. I drop my glass for an entirely different reason and I know I am not alone even if it is something we seldom speak about. But now it´s time

I have sweaty palms and I don´t mean I have some sweat in my palms like everyone else. I am talking about a condition called hyperhidrosis which is excessive sweating. It´s like a waterfall at times and it is NOT nice. 

Can it be cured?

According to some doctors it can be cured but truth is that hyperhidrosis is not a thing tah can be cured. It can however be treated which is a relief for me and everyone else suffering from it. And I know I am not alone!

The treament is done with a iontophoresis machine that send electric current through water and into the parts of the body that are affected. My hands are easy targets. I simply put them in tubs with water and turn on the machine and sweat is greatly reduced. 

Sad part is that it has to be repeated, but it helps! And that is the main thing. I can shake peoples hands, and I won´t drop my glasses like before. 

The Most Expensive Wine Ever Sold

12 Jun 2021

Just imagine splashing a whopping $500,000 on a six-liter bottle of a drink? That sounds crazy, right? But that's the amount of money that Screaming Eagle Cabernet 1992, the world's most expensive wine, was sold for. This happened in 2000, and the wine was sold through an auction.

France's Top Wine Regions

6 May 2021

Champagne, that's perhaps what comes to mind when wine regions are mentioned. But this is just one of the many wine regions in France. Others include Provence, Jura, Loire Valley, Beaujolais, Medoc, and Bordeaux, among many more. These regions are known for some of the highest wine qualities.

Best Australian Red Wines

25 Mar 2021

Together with countries such as Germany, France, and the United States, Australia is known for producing some of the best wines in the world. Regarding red wine, some top mentions in the country include Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, and Pinot Noir. Stock a bottle or two in your house and enjoy yourself.